Valikko Sulje

In English

We are a small privatly owned/private clinic in Kuopio. Our clinic has provided professonal veterinary services for 10 years. Our services include basic soft tissue surgery (e.g sterilizations and castrations), tartar removal, vaccinations, x-ray imaging, ultra-sound examinations, basic blood- and urinework analyzing, dermatology services and reproduction services from specialiced veterinarian. Our vets and vet techs are well edjucated and continue edjucating themselves to keep up with the latest information of their fields. Customer service and satisfaction are our prior focus points.

Addition to the veterinary services our clinic provides a wide range of pet foods from basic daily food to a special diets for sick pets. Our well edjucated staff will help you find the right food for your pet. We also have wide range of food supplements to complete various needs in feeding your pet. You can also find a good selection of daily care products from our shelves to keep your pet healthy.